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Intelligent Logistics Management Tracking inside premises Entry and Exit alerts Automated Attendance
Control Room Residents App In Premises Location Alerts Geo-Fencing
Cloude Based Solutions Management Information Visitor Management Specific Notifications


SMARTCampus is our product using beacon technology that includes SMART solution that can be configured to your needs that accomplishes multiple functions as identified. Each one of the functions is modular and can be independently implemented. A SMART Dashboard comes as standard. Use Cases : Theme Parks, Schools and Universities, Large Corporate Offices, Care-Homes, etc.
Smart Cop


  • Effective utilization of Information Technology
  • Empowering the front line Police Officers
  • Deliver services “Anytime, Anywhere”
  • Journey from e-governance to m- governance
  • Patrol Cars/Blue Colts are playing very important role in the Crime Prevention and Emergency response
  • Internal Information sharing & Knowledge exchange services to empower Patrol Cars and Bulecolts
  • Helps in regular checking / surveillance over all repeat offenders residing in PS jurisdiction
  • Consolidation of different application functionalities in to Single-Sign-on services





SMARTCOP is our award winning Product for the Digital Transformation of the Law Enforcement and Security Industry. IT is a multi-channel solution covering Mobile, Web and hardware providing a comprehensive coverage across Citizen / User, Law Enforcement/Security Personnel Operations and Workforce Management solution. Use Cases : Law Enforcement Agencies, Private Security, Health and Safety intensive industries


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